'; Third Toe Longer Than Second Toe Meaning

Third Toe Longer Than Second Toe Meaning

These people look for perfection and can achieve much with determination and energy.

Third toe longer than second toe meaning. In some people the big toe is longer than the second toe here called l for long big toe while other people have the big toe shorter than the second toe s. Kidding obviouslyhaving a second toe thats longer than your big toe is common af. December 18 2018 at 149 pm wanda if you compare the pictures above it may well be that your unique feet have an interesting greco roman admixture thats gone on behind the scenes. Occasionally mortons toe can be severe enough that the third toe also appears longer than the first.

He thought this caused the second toe. The most common symptom experienced due to mortons toe is callusing andor discomfort of the metatarsal heads at the base of the second phalanges. This is sometimes said to controlled by one gene with two alleles with the allele for s dominant to the allele for l. If your second toe is shorter than the others it means you may have trouble standing up for yourself though you are more level headed.

In a 1935 book morton described a condition called mortons triad or mortons foot syndrome that affected people with a shorter big toe and longer second toe. If the third toe is relatively long it means those people are energetic and ingenious particularly at work. The small number of. If your third toe is longer you tend to have a more dynamic personality and are successful in your field of work.

Another common configuration people with fire toes have a second toe thats longer than their big toe while the remaining toes get gradually smaller. What does it mean when your third toe is the longest toe. Since this is not a common finding i would be willing to bet that this is an anomaly that probably runs in your family. X ray photograph of feet exhibiting mortons toe.

People with toes that look like these are. My family tend to greek toes but my third toe is longer than my second.

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